Wayne took a very unconventional path into the motion picture industry. After working as
a commercial diver and pipeline inspection photographer, he moved on to bell-saturation
diving. Wayne was the only civilian diver to work with the bell-sat system on the U.S. Navy's
undersea research ship, "
Elk River". After receiving his dive instruction certification, Wayne
became a popular sport diving teacher to many workers in the entertainment industry. Soon he was asked to assist in underwater film productions as a safety diver, underwater stunt double and he had a few undersea monster/robot roles that earned him entry into the Screen Actors Guild.

While on those many productions Wayne discovered his real passion was not in acting or safety diving but was in the nuts and bolts of the industry -- the cameras!
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With the help of his mentor, Ralph White, Wayne was brought into the camera department. This took his career into a completely different
direction. He learned quickly while working on National Geographic Society expeditions and training films for the LA County Sheriff's
Department. Wayne believes his best experience came from those early days of working on low-budget productions with their
gorilla-style filmmaking. It is those basic skills that have allowed Wayne to expand into other areas of cinematography (aerials, visual effects,
Vista Vision, 65mm, IMAX, IWERKS, 3D, etc.).