Diving Qualifications:
  • Staff Member on Palos Verdes U/W Restoration Project - LA County
  • Staff Member - Westside YMCA Scuba Instructor
  • Senior Divemaster - LA County Advanced Diver Program
  • Group Divemaster - LA County Advanced Diver Program
  • Staff Member - LA County Instructors Staff - Underwater Instructors Course
  • Diving Accident Investigator - LA County Underwater Safety Committee
  • Underwater Construction and Inspection Photographer - Commercial Oilfields
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Technician
  • Red Cross CPR Instructor
  • Red Cross Senior Lifesaving Certification
  • Red Cross First Aid Instructor Certification
  • Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certification
  • American Heart Association CPR Instructor - Basic Life Support
  • PADI Medic - CPR/First Aid
  • NAUI Certified Basic Diver
  • LA County Certified Basic Diver
  • LA County/NAUI Certified Advanced Diver
  • International Oceaneering Commercial Diver - Air/Mixed Gas
  • PADI Certified DiveMaster
  • YMCA Certified Dive Instructor
  • LA County Certified Diving Instructor - 22 UICC (#2203)
  • NAUI Certified Instructor (#3162)
  • PADI Certified Instructor (#3494)
  • Certified Life Support Systems Technician by Undersea Systems and Liquid Air
  • Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Member - Numerous roles as stuntman/actor in feature films, television and commercials
  • Pile Drivers and Wharf Builders Local 2375 AFL-CIO (Commercial Divers and Tender Union)
  • International Photographers Guild Local 600 IATSE
  • Divers Alert Network (DAN)
Diving Experience:
Contact me: Office - 818-991-9676   Cell - 818-472-1780    Email - info@waynebaker.com
  • Repair and maintenance on all types of life support systems - including valves, regulators, compressors,
    air systems.
  • Experience with hookah diving, hard hats, band masks, mixed gases, open circuit systems, semi-closed
    circuit systems, closed circuit systems (rebreathers)
  • Underwater communication systems - hardwire and wireless
  • underwater construction and salvage
Technical Expertise: